Business Quality Laptop

Business Quality Laptop

WHEN choosing to busy a business PC or laptop its worth considering a number of different factors.  Generally its worth thinking about the phrase, “Buy cheap, buy twice”.  In all the time I’ve been working in IT, I have tested this many times and without question its as true now as it has ever been.

Depending on what you are looking to do with the machine, will determine the spec.   Now its easier for people like us to help you decipher the technical speak (that’s what we do best!) but suffice to say there are some basics to think about.  What is worth noting tho is every 2 years or so we do see a doubling of the capabilities of the kit (Moore’s Law) so it is a forever changing landscape.

Most laptops and PC’s have everything you need to do the basics, work processing, surfing the internet and so on.  When you are choosing a business PC my suggestion is aim for middle of the road, so, for example, Intel offers three levels of processors for PC’s in general, the i3 for basic work, the i5 for more demanding work (and speedier users), and i7 for complex work.   For a day to day business PC I usually suggest an i5 or its AMD equivalent, so that you buy at a level that allows you to realise your 3-5 year depreciation.

Recently I had a customer looking for a laptop for his admin person.  He was looking for something that would be used for online work, ordering, emails, word processing and some basic spreadsheet work.  He wanted something he could rely on for 3 years, so we chose a branded laptop for the job.  It comes with 3 years warranty and is actually quite a nice design.

Here’s a couple of ideas that might have done the job:

Lenovo V110 Laptop
Lenovo IdeaPad 520 Laptop

And to finish it all don’t forget to backup your data – loads of ways to backup but here’s a little external hard drive that is a sensible spec for the money:

Hard Drive

Hope that’s of some help!

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