Networking Between Building

Networking Between Building

A customer was looking to link two building together that were 100’s of metres apart.  The first thing to consider was the technology to use for the communications – Copper wire would work, but over those distances the loss of speed (effectively) would be to the detriment to the operation.   WiFi was also considered but owing to the topology of the surrounding land and buildings we opted to use a physical dedicated optical fibre connection.

As part of the connection between building we also decided to upgrade their current 10/100 switching network with Gigabit.  This would have a marked increase in communications between their local PC’s and the Server, ultimately giving a better experience to the users and in many ways improving productivity.

What we needed to do is upgrade the data switches so that they had interfaces for fibre, so we found switches that has the SFP Transceiver interfaces, and that would allow us to interface to the most appropriate physical fibre solution. We also wanted to ensure that some of the kit could provide Power over Ethernet (POE) as we looked to connect various Access Points (AP’s) and VoIP Phone without additional Power supplies.

Some of the kit we looked to use can be found here on Amazon:

48 Port Data Switch for Business Network
24 Port POE Data Switch for WiFi Network (24 port is cheaper than the 16 port!)
SFP Transceiver – Fibre to Data Switch converters
Fibre Patch Leads
16 Port Data Switch
8 Port POE Data Switch (for IP CCTV & WiFi)

The aim was to find kit that was of reasonable quality, as it was a small business, but not high end corporate kit, that would break most budgets.

All links take you to Amazon where, if you do buy the kit I earn a small referral fee, generally 3% or less for IT kit.  If you found this information useful, please use the links, it helps pay the bills, and keeps the Blog posts coming! Thank you!

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