They say time is money…. Waiting for your PC or laptop to “do its thing” can be very frustrating. Thankfully if you have a slightly older PC there is a way to breed life back into your computer. With the ever increasing changes in technology we find ourselves able to, for a relatively small price, upgrade part of the computer to reduce the wait time you see today.  For the techies, its the upgrade of the hard-disk, from the old mechanical spinny type to a fully electronic bit of kit. Basically when the computer is running it uses the hard disk to store information and programs (Apps).  Then you ask for a App to run it has to trundle off and collect the information and put it into the computers memory.  This takes time, so making the hard disk faster means this action takes quite a bit less time – up to 20 times faster so they say!  On tope of that, while you use your apps the computer uses the hard disk to temporarily store information, this is where the bit differance comes and boosts the use of your PC by many times. Obviously a new, faster PC or laptop will be faster, and a lot of them now come with SSD hard disks, but if money is tight, or you’ve not fully realised the depreciation of your business kit, then this upgrade can make a massive differance to your moral and that of your staff too! At this moment in time there are a few options, but here’s the kit I’m about to use for this particular customer: New 240GB SSD Drive Hard Disk Mounting Plate The plan will be to buy the Upgrade kit as it gives you a cable and software to transfer the old system data to the new device.  Generally this can take an hour or two, but could take many more hours depending on the kit you have and the amount of data you want to transfer… It’s worth checking how much space you use on your hard drive – and if you need to use it. There are however lots of other SSD Drives available…. SSD Drives on Amazon If you need help or advice, please just give us a call!