PC that go… Fast!

PC that go… Fast!

SOMETIMES businesses need a PC with a “bit of grunt’ to do a specific job. Maybe they are a publisher who create lots of beautiful Photoshop artwork, or Illustrator designing brochures and business cards, or maybe they have something a little more specialised to do with the kit…. Most of the time its about finding a bit of kit that will last, be reliable, and can be supported if it goes wrong… then we think about detailing the spec….. This is what we did when it came to a business wanting to give their clients an immersed  simulation system.  They needed something fast, with a special kind of graphics card, that would help the simulator present a smooth, graphically (near) realistic experience.  This is an example of the kind of kit we suggested…

The higher spec PC
The Graphics Card

There were other specialist bolt ons we need to interface with the kit and it worked well.

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