Business Class PC

Business Class PC

When upgrading a PC its worth thinking about what it’s going to do now, and also how long it will last before you need to change it again.

Generally, buying IT kit, be it a PC, Laptop, or Server, you would expect it to last for a few years… The challenge is the actual kit you buy lasts many years, what doesn’t is the software it runs.  More to the point the software gets slower over time due to the constant flow of bulkier updates we seem to get nowadays.

If you buy a PC now, it will come with Windows 10 in some shape or form, and will be speedy and responsive, life could not be easier.  But as time goes on Microsoft write new updates, fixes bugs, blocks up security holes and this ‘bloats’ the amount of software (code) that the computer does for a given task. So for example when you open a window on your PC to say write a letter, to start with it just appeared on your screen, now it seems to grow from the icon, all looks fancy but it take loads more of the computer’s resources, ultimately making your experience that much slower overall.

Apple Mac’s also have the same issues but we shall discuss them in another blog post…

So, what’s this got to do with buying a PC – its simple, you need to think about how the software houses will ‘bloat’ their software over time and make sure you have a bit of kit that works in a few years time (months in many respects!) not just now.

The rule of thumb for day to day business computers is, buy something mid ranged, a little more than the average.  It’s kind of like buying family sized car opposed to a city car, you might use it in the city but its a lot more comfortable and has room to spread out, not restrict you to a tiny space with no room to grow…

Something else also worth considering is reliability.  Buying kit from reputable and well known manufactures are likely to have the support if something goes wrong, and they will continue to update drivers (software that talks to the electronics inside) for sometime to come. This all adds to a reliable computer that lasts a good while.

A customer recently asked us to spec out PC’s for them and this was one of the examples we came up with –

Kit Image Description
Lenovo V530S Small Desktop PC Core i5 (8400) 2.8GHz 8GB (1x8GB) 256GB SSD DVD±RW LAN Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Intel UHD Graphics 630)

The aim was to find kit that was of good quality, as it was a small business, that would break most budgets.

If you found this useful please let others know about us.  We love to help and TECNiA is where technologys made simple…


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