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What is Cloud Computing you may ask?  Simply, it’s putting your business systems, files and email on big computers (servers) and accessing them via the internet (and lots more systems besides…)

Putting your data out onto internet connected servers can feel like a huge risk, but with the right approach, making sure you use cloud servers that have good security measures in place, and you use sensible passwords, the risk is mitigated to a level that most businesses find sensible.

We help you choose the right cloud service for your business.


  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Apple’s iCloud

Google Workspace
Want an email systems that’s far more than just email!?  Google Workspace offers all the Office products, Work Processing, Spreadsheets, Calendars etc. and works seamlessly across all systems, be it Windows, Apple or Mobile. It just works! With an uptime of 99.9%. Look no further than Google!

Microsoft Office 365
Provides the familiar email, word processing and spread system that’s been around forever. Focused on Windows systems has an uptime of 99.99%, what more could you ask!