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We’re there for you when you need our support, and keeping things up to date when you don’t..

Remote Support

When time’s not on your side, we’re just a click away…

Schools ICT Support

ICT Support – your way!

All schools need reliable ICT, especially now with the such emphasis on technological education and remote learning.

TECNiA works with your management team, and all stake holders, to create the right level of support for your school, and within budget.  Whether it is a weekly visit, remote support, or a team of professionals to support your school with a project roll-out, TECNiA has a bespoke solution for you and your school. 

TECNiA doesn’t only offer ICT support, we help you plan, and implement the future too! We work with you to help develop your school’s IT strategy, keep you up to date with the lasted (tried and tested) developments,  find cost effective, achievable solutions, and we help you implement those plans.

Reliability is the most important aspect of our service – we invest time to ensure the ICT kit you use is kept in tip-top condition, saving us all time in the long run! 

The right support for your school

TECNiA’s skills are wide ranging, and if its IT related, we probably know how to support it! Your school’s IT could well be complex, and we have the skills to support you. Where possible, “We make technology simple….” Which means we do our best to cut though the complexity and simplify it wherever possible.

Simplicity = Reliability

Some of the major systems we understand and look after are:

  • PC & Laptop Support
  • Microsoft 365 for Education
  • Google for Education
  • Business Continuity – Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security
  • School Broadband & Telephone Systems
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Interactive Displays
  • CCTV & Access Control Systems

TECNiA has a wealth of experience in taking care of a wide range of organisations’ ICT systems, be it a small suite of laptops, to a complex, multi-site setup with hundreds of users.  We can help!

Supporting your ICT Team

TECNiA are more than happy to support your inhouse team, be it the ICT teacher, to a dedicated team of technical staff.  We have the expertise to mentor, support, and develop their skills, whilst being on hand to offer greater technical support and experience when they need it.  Our aim is to help your inhouse team grow till they no longer need us, but want us around just in case!

TECNiA Helpdesk

Having a regular visit to your school might be enough for the day to day ICT support, but when you have an issue, you need it dealt with, fast!  TECNiA provides a dedicated Helpdesk for you and your team, to log requests, monitor outstanding work, and we build a bespoke knowledgebase that gives your team a opportunity to help themselves. 

Remote Support

When you log a call with the TECNiA Helpdesk, we reply quickly, and where possible we use a bit of pre-installed software to take control of your PC, Mac or Laptop.   Using this software we can connect to the troublesome computer, and either guide you though the resolution, or take over and  fix it for you.  The majority of the time we fix it without even having a visit. Its that simple!  

Experience and support

TECNiA has the expertise in educational ICT your school needs.  We have been supporting schools in the East of England for many years and work with key stake holders to make the best use of the technology of the day! 

Dedicated engineers

Having continuity with your IT support professional is important as it creates the long term, trusting relationship we strive for.  Building that ‘know, like, and trust’ relationship giving you a personalised service to work together to deliver reliable ICT kit that the staff and students depend on.

Regular Onsite Visits

We are happy to visit your school to take care of your issues  and to carry out preventative maintenance on your IT Kit – give us a call and we will schedule a visit at the earliest opportunity.

Ah hoc ICT Support

You might have an inhouse ICT expect, but sometime you could do with a little bit of extra help. TECNiA is happy to offer you that support, as and when you need it, without the on going commitment of a support contract.

Telephone Support

When you need a friendly voice at the end of the phone who talks in non technical terms, we are here to help.  Telephone  01603 488434

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

We ensure your business is looked after at all times. Our business IT support covers your business 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

25+ Years Experience

With over 25 years experience you can rely on us to deliver a cost efficient and knowledgeable service.

Remote IT Support

When time is of the essence we offer IT professionals to connect & resolve your IT issues quickly, without fuss, wherever you are in the world!

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