BNI-Online – Visitor Orientation

BNI-Online – Visitor Orientation

Thank you for visiting BNI Castle Chapter (On-line) this morning

We would like to ask some feedback about your time with us this today.

Please make yourself comfortable (grab another coffee etc.) and we shall go though a feedback form together.

BNI Castle Visitor Feedback Form

If you are keen to be part of our group please let’s look though the following document…

BNI Visitor Orientation Form

If you are ready to apply to join us please complete the online application form…

BNI Norfolk Application Form
(This form needs Adobe Reader to complete – please download it if you don’t already have it on your PC)

Thank you for your time today, please join us in our after meeting open networking and keep in contact!
We look forward to seeing you again soon!


This document was to help when we were members of Castle Chapter of BNI – we put it together to simplify a process that was clunky and old fashioned.  Over the coming months BNI adopted our ideas and now this process is nearly obsolete.   Another nice example of TECNiA making technology simple….


Interested in finding out more about BNI, why not give one of the local chapters a call – or talk to us, we are always happy to share our enthusiasm for BNI!


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