WiFi, Router, and Switch Technology for the SME


DRAYTEK is the leading manufacturer of business class broadband and networking solutions. These help consumers and businesses save money and improve efficiency by exploiting the full potential of the Internet. The product range includes routers, firewalls, PBXs, IP Phones, switches and wireless access points.

TECNiA works with Draytek to provide solutions for the small business. We can select and support the right routers for your business that will work seamlessly with your existing network, or part of a new IT Installation. 

Supporting local businesses, we can offer an ad hoc service to setup, maintain or resolve issues you may have with your network or broadband.

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Draytek routers are used to manage your high speed internet connection,  allowing your local PC’s, Servers and Mobile’s to share your connection to the internet.  Draytek routers come with built-in firewalls to protect against threats and provide bandwidth controls to share your internet connection fairly across your network.


Draytek’s network switches can a managed solution to your network devices,. Linking everything together, you can manage and monitor your kit from a central managed console, gaining an insight into usesage and providing alerts when something goes wrong!


Draytek’s WiFi equipment links seamlessly with their router products allowing you to manage all your WiFi points around your business and provide Guest WiFi access without compromising your business data security.

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